Our philosophy is, through honest, respectful and mindful cooking we can take you along on a journey to explore Greek food like never before.

as Kavafis wrote in his poem ITHACA
‘’… but don’t hurry the journey at all. Better if it lasts for years’’

Kuzina restaurant is a dream come true

The dream of generously giving and wholeheartedly sharing one of the most essential and genuine pleasures of life: food. The dream of sharing heartwarming dishes at a common table with family, friends, and loved ones! Where memories, ideas, and feelings are celebrated. And if cooking is the experience of a lifetime, an artistic outlook is our own personal way to elevate, refine and complete it, inviting you to surrender to the unique world of our very own version of authentic, inspiring, and progressive gastronomy. If we manage to sprinkle your life with moments of fascination and charm, then something wonderful will most certainly have been accomplished.

Konstantinos Karvelis | Director