Authentic taste of Greece, with a modern twist!

At Kuzina restaurant, we produce and present greek food and flavours! We are delighted to showcase some of the very best of greek produce. On our menu you will find many Protected Designation of Origin products from all across Greece. We work with these products and bring you the authentic taste of Greece, with a modern twist! Of course we are very excited to use some of Scotland’s exceptional produce to compliment our dishes. We use fresh produce including local beef, seafood and poultry which are of incredible quality. We are happy to be working with and supporting local farmers with a real pas-sion for their craft! We take great care to ensure quality and taste when you dine with us. In greek culture a meal is about great food, but just as important is the company you share it with!


Reservations for the festive menu have to be made
at least 48hours to the date of the booking